31 Facts about Metastatic Breast Cancer Day 1- 5

I decided just now to do this as a daily post, I’m catching up. We need more research dedicated to finding a cure for this type of breast cancer.

*1. What is Metastatic Breast Cancer? (pronounced as Met-a-STA-tic)
MBC also known as Stage IV is cancer that has spread outside of the breast to other organs such as bones, liver, lung or brain. This process is called metastasis.(pronounced as Me-TAS-ta-sis)
2. What happens when breast cancer spreads?
Breast cancer that spreads to another organ, such as bones or liver, is still breast cancer and does not become bone cancer or liver cancer. Under a microscope, the tumor cells will still look and act like breast cancer and will be treated as breast cancer.
3. Who gets metastatic breast cancer?
No one brings metastatic disease on themselves. The sad truth is that anyone who has had an earlier stage of breast cancer can have a metastatic recurrence and some women have metastatic disease on their initial diagnosis of cancer–despite mammograms and early detection!
4. Why does Cancer metastasize? (pronounced as Me-TAS-ta-size)
Researchers can’t predict who will get metastatic disease, but they’re working on the answers. Early detection is important, but it is not a cure and does not guarantee MBC will not occur in the future.
5. What are the statistics on incidence of metastatic breast cancer?
Approximately 20-30% of patients with an early stage cancer will have their cancer return as metastatic, even if they were told their early stage cancer had been “cured.” Another 8% of new breast cancer cases are found to be metastatic at their initial diagnosis.

*Facts reprinted from http://mbcn.org/

My adopted children all grown up!

The Mucci's visiting me at Alden. It was a big surprise and a I was so touched by their presence.

The Mucci’s visiting me at Alden. It was a big surprise and a I was so touched by their presence.

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