You would think by now I wouldn’t be shocked!

Since 2008, I have been stalked and assaulted by breast cancer. I’ve had numerous tests, procedures and surgeries. I have lost my hair twice, suffer everyday with numbing pain in my hands and feet. I am tired most of the time. This is the new normal. But hey, I’m still here, I can work, enjoy life, make a contribution to society.  The cancer has been reduced and stable in my bones and liver, Yeah!

Last week, after more testing, I got a diagnosis that threatens my new normal life. The cancer has invaded my brain and I must undergo whole brain radiation. I was in shock! I did not see that coming.  The type of tumor is called Leptomeningeal Metastases The radiation treatments can cause damage to my thinking, personality and memory. That bothers me more than the thought of dying. I cannot stand the thought of not being independent, being able to read, write and think clearly. The way the radiologist explained it, my brain could age 5 years in 5 months. At that point, I lost it and started to cry.

So I have started undergoing 10 radiation treatments that take about 15 minutes each. I get to wear this lovely custom-made mask on my face to keep my head in place while I lay down on a table. And..for the third time I get to be bald again!  2016-07-06 08.55.50

Because of your thoughts, well wishes and prayers, I have been a miracle survivor, and I am praying that I continue to enjoy miraculous healing and freedom from treatment side effects.



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One Response to You would think by now I wouldn’t be shocked!

  1. I love you Lynne and have for 56 long (lol) years. I will ALWAYS have your back.

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